MooodyCow Teams Up with Apptio to Transform Tech Investments into Business Value

MooodyCow Teams Up with Apptio to Transform Tech Investments into Business Value

Today’s strategic portfolio managers encounter challenges with disconnected tools, hindering capacity planning and contributing to inefficiencies in resource management.

Apptio ERP offers comprehensive capabilities:

  • Efficient Resource Management: Streamline resource allocation for large cross-functional teams.
  • Integrated Tools: Overcome challenges posed by disconnected tools and processes for strategic portfolio management.
  • End-to-End Visibility: Achieve comprehensive visibility of capacity and resources for improved value delivery.
  • Maximised Resource Efficiency: Optimise allocation for overall organisational efficiency and risk mitigation.
  • Planning and Forecasting: Improve long-term value through enhanced planning and forecasting.
  • Profitability Boost: Realise a 77% increase in profitability by unlocking capacity for growth strategies.
  • Digital Business Support: Target process serves as a common source of truth, housing all work and resources.
  • Visual Resource Allocation: Identify over-allocated or underutilised resources visually.
  • Cost and Utilisation Integration: Connect resource cost and utilisation financials with automated cost forecasting.
  • Flexible Capacity Optimisation: Manage dashboards to optimise incoming demands against capacity.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Minimise inefficiencies with real-time monitoring and multiple reports views.

Apptio Cloudability: Elevate Your Cloud Strategy

Typical Customer Outcomes:

  • 35% Growth in Talent Productivity
  • 20% – 30% Re-prioritisation or Elimination of Low-Value Work
  • 90% Increase in Forecasting Accuracy
  • Accelerate Cloud Migration – Apptio Cloudability propels organisations into the cloud era by streamlining and expediting the migration process.
  • Manage Multi-Cloud, SaaS – Effortlessly manage diverse cloud environments, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.
  • Right Size Cloud Infrastructure – Optimise cloud infrastructure for efficiency, ensuring resources match actual needs.
  • Identify Cloud Usage Anomalies – Pinpoint unusual cloud usage patterns to prevent unnecessary expenses.
  • Hold Cloud Development Groups Accountable – Encourage accountability by tracking and managing cloud spend at the development level.
  • Drive Costs Down with Value Metrics – Utilise value metrics to decrease costs while maintaining or enhancing performance.
  • Automate Savings Plans and Discount Instruments – Efficiently manage costs through automated savings plans and discount instruments.
  • Compare On-Premise to Cloud – Make informed decisions by comparing costs between on-premise and cloud environments.
  • Monitor Dipping of the Cloud – Keep a close eye on cloud performance to address potential issues proactively.

ApptioOne: Unifying Financial and Operational Excellence

  • Answer Ad-Hoc Questions 95% Faster – Access real-time insights, answering ad-hoc questions swiftly.
  • Plan 75% Faster for High ROI Investments – Accelerate budgeting and planning, reallocating resources promptly to high-return investments.
  • Optimise Cost Structures – Streamline IT expenses, reducing waste and aligning investments with strategic priorities.
  • Accelerate Forecasting Cycles – Reduce forecasting time, increasing frequency for more agile resource reallocation.
  • Get a Complete Picture of Project TCO – Gain insights into operational spend impact and project costs for comprehensive budgeting.

Target process: Transforming ITFM Processes

  • Stop Initiatives Without ROI/Business Case – Ensure all initiatives align with a solid return on investment or business case.
  • Terminate Unprofitable Regions/Products – Identify and eliminate unprofitable regions or products for increased efficiency.
  • Capture Ideas for Cost Cutting Initiatives – Encourage a culture of cost reduction by capturing and prioritising impactful ideas.
  • Identify and Remediate Underperforming Teams – Pinpoint and address underperforming teams to enhance overall productivity.
  • Proactively Manage Labour Dependencies – Optimise service delivery by proactively identifying and managing labour dependencies.

In collaboration with Apptio, MooodyCow’s new partnership ensures your organisation can leverage these powerful solutions to make smarter, data-driven decisions, optimise costs, and drive business growth.