Transforming Mainframe Application Development with IBM Watsonx Code Assistant for Z 

Transforming Mainframe Application Development with IBM Watsonx Code Assistant for Z

In the fast-paced realm of software development, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Recognising this need, IBM introduces Watsonx Code Assistant, a revolutionary development tool powered by generative AI.

Built upon the robust IBM Granite models, specifically crafted for code-related tasks, this tool revolutionises the software development lifecycle, ensuring trust, security, and compliance at every phase.


Key Features:

Minimised Learning Curve:

AI-generated code recommendations based on natural language inputs or existing source code streamline the development process, minimising the learning curve for developers.

Error Reduction and Increased Productivity:

By providing developers with AI-generated code, Watsonx Code Assistant reduces cognitive switching during coding, leading to fewer errors and increased productivity.

Quality Code Building:

Developers can review and match code recommendations to the originating data source before acceptance, ensuring the creation of high-quality code.

Development Potential Unlocked:

With AI assistance in code creation and enhancement, Watsonx Code Assistant facilitates skill development within developer teams, unlocking their full potential.

Accelerated Time to Value:

By integrating AI seamlessly into developers’ workflow, Watsonx Code Assistant accelerates the time to value by providing access to IBM foundation models for efficient, purpose-built coding.

Core Capabilities of Watsonx Code Assistant for Z:

Tailored for mainframe application modernisation, Watsonx Code Assistant for Z offers unique capabilities for businesses operating on a Z-platform.

Code Generation:

Generate new code with proper syntax from natural language requests, enhancing development speed and accuracy.

Code Matching:

Understand the potential origin of generated code recommendations, aiding in troubleshooting and auditing, thus ensuring transparency.

Code Modernisation:

Translate code from one language to another or refactor legacy code, supporting the ongoing evolution of applications.


Business Benefits:

Increased Developer Productivity:

Developers can understand, refactor, and modernise mainframe applications with agility, boosting overall productivity.

Code Quality Assurance:

Reviewing generated code before acceptance ensures that the code meets quality standards and aligns with business requirements.

Language Transition Support:

Facilitates the transition from COBOL to Java, enabling businesses to leverage modern technologies while preserving existing investments.

Efficient Application Modernisation:

Streamlines the application development lifecycle, enabling organisations to effectively modernise their mainframe applications and respond to changing business needs.


In essence, Watsonx Code Assistant for Z offers a potent solution for businesses on a Z-platform. By providing advanced AI assistance in mainframe application modernisation, it enhances efficiency, code quality, and overall development agility, paving the way for transformative outcomes in software development.