About Mooody Cow

We’re changing the way businesses leverage their technology assets.


MooodyCow was formed in 2015 and initially provided a virtual bench of professional resources to a number of blue chip vendors including Citrix and IBM.

As we have grown and evolved into the technology integrator, we are today MooodyCow now provides a multi-skilled flexible workforce which comprises Programme Directors, a full range of Architects, Network consultants, Cyber consultants, PM’s, BA’s, DevOps, Software developers, Mainframe Professionals, Testers and PMO functions to name but a few.

So, from a small but capable organisation with a few key clients MooodyCow has grown into a versatile organisation that provides a wide-range of services to a vast array of clients that now include Global System Integrators, Government entities, Hardware and Software Vendors and End User customers across an array of Verticals.

So why MooodyCow?


When it comes to working alongside our clients, MooodyCow will always look to drive a highly consultative approach, taking time to understand our client’s version of value across their stakeholders which in turn allows MooodyCow to both deliver and support these agendas.

When it comes to our candidates, MooodyCow is rightfully proud of the diverse nature of our ever-growing workforce.

Our people allow us to deliver projects on and ahead of time and thus enhance our growing reputation.

If this sounds like the environment for you, we’d love you to come and join us!


By joining MooodyCow, you will immediately become part of something special.

We will chart and monitor your progress.

We will provide regular, objective weekly feedback.

We will take time to learn the working environment that works best for you.

You will become a valued member of the MooodyCow herd.

Mooody Cow is a team of dynamic and collaborative professionals,

and we are here to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

We’ll help you adapt and enhance your existing operations through the intelligent application of people, processes and technology.

We’re driving the digital transformation agenda through our diverse workforce, data-driven approach, and strategic partnerships.

We’re powered by technology and driven by our values to provide a smooth and professional service from start to finish.